台灣之友會 前會長 Ted R. Anderson 談 《回台探扁心得》

As I See It


The Message from the President Emeritus...  by Ted Anderson

The purpose of our trip to Taiwan September 1, to September 7, 2009, was to meet with Past President Chen Shui-bein, and to witness the disaster caused by typhoon Marakot. In Addition, we were able to schedule appointments with Vice President Annet Liu, Mark Chen, former Foreign Minister and Advisor to President Chen, Rev. Andrew T. C. Chang, General Secretary, The General Assembly, The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, and Jerome Keating,

PhD. Also, we were able to meet with key human rights advocates through-out Taiwan. We were advised, by several people, not to venture into the disaster area due to very bad roads and the spread of some kind of disease.

The most burning issue on our hearts is why Mr. Ma Ying-jeau and his band of lawbreakers were applying such harsh and cruel punishment on Chen Shui-bian. On September 3rd, 2009, at 9:30 a.m., we had an appointment to visit the past President Abian. When his prison guard brought him to the interview station, he had a forced smile and tried to appear up-beat. His appearance tugged at my heart strings, even though his spirits seemed to be high. Chen Shui-bian is a very strong man and it will take more than Ma’s tactics to beat him down. We must not forget that KMT tried to kill Chen Shui-bian when he ran for County Governor of Tainan, they failed, but his wife was disabled. We must not forget that during the Presidential Campaign of 2004, an attempt was again made to take the life of Chen Shui-bein. Again KMT failed. Make no mistake about this, Chen Shui-bian is a great threat to Mr. Ma Ying-jeau, and is a formidable barrier to what Ma desires to accomplish, and that is to be the Dictator of Taiwan. Chen Shui-bian, a formidable force in Taiwan, and has the respect of people in other parts of the world. If Mr. Ma is able to accomplish his goals, democracy, freedom, truth, and justice—the very core values of democracy—are dead in Taiwan. There are some who feel that President Ma Ying-jeau’s next move is to take over the military. He obviously controls the justice system, and if he is able to take over the military, it will be the coup-de-grace for freedom in Taiwan. 

My wife and I express deep sorrow and send our most sincere condolences to the families and victims of typhoon Marakot. However, we are greatly incensed, dismayed, and disappointed President Ma Ying-jeau did not move with all deliberate speed in dealing with all of the disastrous aspects of typhoon Marakot. Mr. Ma was like Nero, he fiddled while Rome burned. 

Why President Ma Ying-jeau refused assistance for the Taiwanese people in the disaster areas from countries of the world---the truth will never be known. To quote the Friday, September 4th ,2009, Taipei Times (Opinion Section) “Taiwan has far too many civil servants that deeply believe that politics is highest form of trickery. They are apt at deceiving the public and are used to telling lies”. There is a rumor that indicated China volunteered to send its’ troops into the typhoon disaster area; the United States got wind of this and ordered a naval vessel with helicopters to the disaster area. What if---what if China’s offer had been accepted by Ma, to send their troops into Taiwan. China could take-over Taiwan with-out firing a shot or a missal.

We can no longer sit on our posteriors and contemplate our naval. The time for rhetoric is over. We must act NOW! President Abraham Lincoln was receiving daily messages from a General in the field that said “Headquarters’ in the saddle”. Finally President Lincoln got tired receiving the same old messages and replied “put hind quarters in Headquarters’.” 

Permit me to digress a little, to provide you with some recent political financial information regarding assets of the four (4) political parties on Taiwan: (1) KMT, $767 million dollars; (2)DPP, $7.6 million dollars; (3) TSU, $450,000 dollars; (4) PFP, (-4 million dollars). Jesse UnRuh, a California politician, said “money is the mother’s milk of politics”. 

My perspective, as I see it, regarding Taiwan, as to its’ present political state, is that there is no justice and no truth, because President Ma lies and the truth is not in him. In closing, I am going to be very candid about the present situation in Taiwan. The Taiwanese community, wherever they are, are partly responsible for what is happening in Taiwan today. You show up in groves to vote in the Presidential Campaigns, but hardly show-up to vote in the Legislature elections. A president cannot accomplish his mission unless he has the backing of the legislature. What’s my advice? Take back the Legislature at the up-coming legislative elections in Taiwan.

I am strongly suggesting that collaborative efforts be undertaken with all organizations favorable and supportive of Taiwan’s democratic endeavors. Coalitions must be developed with different ethnic groups. The Taiwanese communities in the United States must not be islands unto themselves. Most importantly, how effective are the elected officials---those that you help finance their campaigns---in getting the President, the State Department, the Department of Commerce and the Justice Department, to pay attention to those issues facing 23,000,000 on Formosa, now called Taiwan --- and Not Taiwan-China! You hear that US State Department.

Nobleness Oblige.

Ted Anderson, Emeritus President of Friends of Taiwan




◎文 / 全美台灣人權協會前會長王泰和




88水災之際,正逢陳唐山過境洛杉磯回台,談起扁案。我請他安排台灣之友會(Friends of Taiwan)前會長Ted Anderson夫婦與我探訪在風雨中被遺忘的阿扁。他說外國人探訪有問題,要我傳真探訪者簡歷回台給他。幾天後獲回音,約定9月3日上午10點探訪阿扁。時間是30分鐘,每天只能有兩人探訪。如此對待台灣的前總統,何其殘忍!

我們在9月1日清晨抵台後,由林一方幫忙安排行程,隨即拜訪呂秀蓮前副總統、長老教會總幹事張德謙牧師、蔡丁貴教授、黃越緩教授、陳銘城、黃美幸、蔡同榮、王幸男、Jerome Keating教授和陳唐山等交換意見。「會被判重刑」是個共識,何其無奈!